Sitemap - 2022 - Distributed Email of Secrets

Limited distribution: Technoserv (1.2 TB)

Limited distribution: MeritServus and MeritKapital (445 GB)

Announcement: End-of-year fundraising push

Release: Innwa Bank (49 MB)

Releases: Nuclear Power Development Company of Iran (75 GB) and ArianTel (44 GB)

Limited distribution: Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional México (6 TBs)

Release: Fuerzas Represivas (366 GB)

Release: Liberty Counsel and WMTEK Christian donor databases (450 GB)

Release: ExtractivistLeaks (2TB)

Release: Jhonlin Group (513 GB)

Limited distribution: Hunter Biden iPhone and iPad Backups (28.8 GB)

Limited distribution: Embassy of Ecuador, Moscow (53.3 GB)

Release: Public Chamber of Krasnoyarsk (41.1 GB)

Limited distribution: GQLeaks (120 GB)

Release: NPO VS (759 GB)

Release: RKPLaw (1 TB)

Release: Metprom (184 GB)

Release: Hunter Biden emails (3.6 GB)

Release: PT Rea Kaltim Plantations (277 GB)

Release: SOCAR Energoresource (130 GB)

Release: Odebrecht (12.7 GB)

Release: McLanahan Russia (302 GB)

Release: CorpMSP (482.5 GB)

LLC Capital (20 GB)

Nauru Police Force (82 GB)

Release: Elektrocentromontazh (1.7 TB)

Release: PSCB JSC Bank (542 GB)

Release: АЛЕТ or ALET (1.1 TB)

Release: Sawatzky (432 GB)

Release: Gazregion (222 GB)

Release: Gazprom Linde Engineering (728 GB)

Release: Technotec (440 GB)

Releases: Russian Ministry of Culture, Blagoveshchensk City and Tver's Governor office

Releases: Petrovsky Fort, Aerogas and Forest / Форест

Release: VGTRK (786.2 GB)

Limited distribution: Russian Orthodox charity emails (15 GB)

Cyberwar updates: Thozis Corp and MashOil, etc

Release: Transneft (79 GB)

Release: Roskomnadzor (820 GB)

Release: Mining Secrets (4.2 TB)

Limited distribution: Tetraedr (222 GB)

Limited distribution: GiveSendGo 4.0 (5 GB) and Adopt-a-Trucker emails (250 MB)

Limited Distribution: GiveSendGo Trucker donors (33.6 MB)

Limited distribution: GiveSendGo part II (2.5 GB)

Release: Patriot Front (450 GB)