For the first time since 2020, we are publishing the download server
A 2019 version of the United States' No Fly List. This version of the TSA's screening list has more than 1.5 million rows of data and includes at least…
A contractor that works for police agencies had its website defaced as reported by Techcrunch
Emails from 2011 to 2022 of Brazil's national arts foundation, including the tumultuous Bolsonaro years. Funarte develops policies to promote the arts.
An anonymous whistleblower has leaked Cellebrite's phone forensics software and its documentation. Co-published with Enlace Hacktivista
We've listed a collection from the Russian IT company with an estimated net revenue of $107 million. Technoserv was founded by brothers Dmitry & Alexei…
Files and emails from Cyprus-based firms setting up shell companies and golden passports for clients like Chelsea F.C.'s former owner Roman Abramovich
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