What is DDoSecrets?

We have a common goal; transparency. If data is already public, or would be regardless of our existence, then we believe it best for a stable and reliable provider to ensure that material receive due examination. We do not conduct thorough investigations into all the material, nor seek to draw conclusions from it. Individual members of the collective may develop their own opinions on any of our material, which does not change the neutral position from which the collective works to publish.

Who are you?

We are transparency advocates, from the internet. We come in peace, with data. We do not collectively support any cause, idea or message, beyond ensuring information is available to those who need it most: the people.

How will this email be used?

We will send out timely news of Distributed Denial of Secrets. We will prepare a brief introduction to the notable data sets we publish, and share new releases here, first.

I have more questions…

We like questions. We answered some frequent ones. We are also on social media and broadcasting via Telegram.

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