Release: Tillie Kottmann (20 GB)

After the raid of the hacktivist's house in Switzerland and the seizure of their devices, Distributed Denial of Secrets stands in solidarity.

We've turned Antiproprietary /@deletescape/ Tillie Kottmann's telegram channel into a 20 GB torrent that includes some of their data and links to much more. (Torrents)

“Tillie's Antiproprietary leaking operation was deliberately separate from #DDoSecrets, but we nevertheless stand in solidarity with our comrade,” wrote Emma Best on Twitter.

Other news in DDoSecrets:

“As of this tweet, Tillie uses it/its or they/them pronouns. Tillie has also expressed that fae/faer pronouns can be used. No, I am not joking. You will respect Tillie and Tillie’s pronouns or you will be blocked.” - @FreeJeremyNet