Release: Ransomware data

Announcing a new website category with the release of data from five companies

Ransomware is a new category of data leak that we can't ignore. Several ransomware crews have begun releasing data which they hacked and published on their own leak sites. Early in our lifecycle, we published Perceptics in our index, and are aware of the public interest of that data set, which came from a ransomware origin. We believe there will be other public interest datasets in this ransomware category, and want to be upfront about the nature of the sources in republishing this data.

"Whether it's a pharmaceutical company or petroleum company, or a company with technical data and specs that can speed progress for an entire industry or make everyone safer by sharing research," Emma Best told Wired magazine, "then we have a duty to make that available to researchers, journalists, and scholars so they can learn about how typically opaque industries (many of which control significant aspects of our lives and the future of the planet) operate."

Released on January 6, 2021:

MVTEC (339.89 GB): Source code for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning software used in robotics, medical imaging, inspection, manufacturing and production, surveillance, research and more.

ExecuPharm (108.87 GB): 200,000 emails and other files from ExecuPharm, a pharmaceutical company that performs outsourced medical trials.

Netzsch (411.31 GB): Over 375,000 files from machinery manufacturer Netzsch.

India Bulls (39.35 GB): Over 130,000 emails and other files from India Bulls, which operates in the financial, real estate, and pharmaceutical sectors along with other industries.

Planatol (47.24 GB): Emails, documents and databases from industrial manufacturer Planatol.

To ignore them would not be true to our mission to be a useful archive and leaks library. We consider it irresponsible to allow data sources to be accessible only to private entities, privatizing knowledge. We wish for a broader public to examine the data, and to encourage scholarship.

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More info in the new Ransomware category heading on our website.