Release: Parler

32 terabytes of videos, images and text posts from alt social media site Parler

This release includes over a million videos and a million images uploaded to Parler, including ones from the January 6 Washington D.C. coup attempt.

Due to the size of this archive, the data is currently only available via two Amazon S3 buckets, ddosecrets-parler (32.1TB) and ddosecrets-parler-images (235GB).

These S3 buckets are open to the public but configured with Requester Pays, meaning that you must have valid AWS credentials to access the data, and Amazon will charge you for all bandwidth. You can avoid all transfer fees by working with the data in the us-east-1 AWS region. You can still access this data from other AWS regions, but you will be charged according to Amazon's S3 pricing.

More detailed instructions will be updated on our website.

We also released a landing page to simplify the process somewhat:

Download all video IDs, and all image IDs. After downloading videos, rename them to have the .mp4 extension in order to view them.

Text posts

At this time, we only have a partial scrape of Parler text posts (1.6 million), which was provided by a 3rd party. The 18 GB torrent for the text posts can be downloaded here. Get in touch with us if you have the fuller data.

32 terabytes costs about $700 a month to host on Amazon’s cloud, so to keep this archive available, we will need to increase our fundraising efforts. You can donate to Distributed Denial of Secrets on Open Collective, ActBlue, PayPal, Amazon Smile, Facebook Giving, Benevity, LiberaPay or by making this Substack email you are reading now, a paid subscription. A comparison of the various methods for donating, as well as crypto currency wallet addresses, is on our wiki.