Release: Nicaraguan Forestry Institute (17.7 GB)

Emails from INAFOR, the Nicaraguan National Forestry Institute, containing legal documents, reports, spreadsheets and maps related to deforestation in Central America

Added to our archive today: INAFOR (17.7 GB)

Source: Lorian Synaro/Nama Tikure, Anonymous #OpNicaragua

Emails from the National Forest Institute (up until May 10, 2020)

Lorian Synaro tweeted: “#SOSNicaragua The dictatorial regime of Ortega continues the destruction of the Nicaraguan Natural resources and forests in order to increase its wealth. Profit should never come before Nature. The government is accountable.”
More info can be found in the source’s interview with Hacked.WTF.
Background reading: Oakland Institute’s reports.