Release: Myanmar Investments (156 GB)

Thousands of approved investment proposals from international and local companies in Myanmar

This release includes more than 3,000 confidential documents, obtained via a hack of the Myanmar Investment Commission, including proposals and approved investments. The data can be fetched via this torrent, linked to from our wiki. The source has detailed how a site vulnerability was used to extract the data (Burmese version). Security researchers have gone on to publish the list of companies included in the release, grouped by their countries of origin.

Besides Myanmar, approved investment proposals came from companies in China, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong, Japan, India, Malaysia and at least a dozen other places.

The source believes that the documents include details of foreign investments in the mining and petroleum industries, linked to the displacement and genocide of the Rohingya people.

Justice for Myanmar had early access to the dataset, and put out a press release about Hilton hotels deals with the military:

“We are appalled that Hilton is operating a hotel in Arakan state that directly finances the Myanmar army. The hotel is located where the military committed genocide against Rohingya and the hotel pays rent to the same office that buys weapons used in atrocity crimes against the people, in a shocking breach of Hilton’s human rights obligations. We call on Hilton to immediately end their business with the Myanmar military and compensate the people of Myanmar who are victim of the human rights violations associated with Hilton’s bloody and corrupt hotel deal.”

Myanmar Investments complements the earlier release of Myanmar Financials. Research into both databases is ongoing. (Torrent link in our Telegram channel)