Release: Myanmar Financials (330.5 GB)

The full corporate registry for Myanmar, including details about the financial activities of military leaders behind the February coup, and others.

This release, the most recent chapter in our Banker’s Box series of corporate registries and financial industry data, includes hundreds of thousands of records about corporate ownership of companies in Myanmar, scraped from and

In announcing the release of the data: “People and companies on the US sanctions list are using Google services to run their day-to-day business,” security researcher donk_enby told Business Insider. The Blogger page noted by donk_enby has since been removed by Google. In addition to the military leaders of the coup, foreign entities such as paramilitary security contractors Frontier Services Group appear in the DICA registry.

The release includes:

  • Machine-readable registry information for companies registered in Myanmar

  • incorporation documents and ID scans of officers for 120,000 companies

  • More than 3,000 public tenders

  • Assorted documents related to corporation law in Myanmar

  • List of politically exposed persons

Research into the dataset has already turned up companies self-declared as engaging in Security and Investigation activities, and evidence of more Google infrastructure like Gmail, in use by coup leaders:

The dataset can now be fetched from Myanmar Financials in our index. As always, we encourage readers to seed the torrent after downloading. Seeding enables others to access the data, and strengthens the information landscape.