Release: LineStar (37 GB)

Hacked data from the Houston, TX pipeline compliance, technology and maintenance company LineStar

37 gigabytes hacked from the Texas pipeline contracting company LineStar. LineStar’s over 85 clients include multiple blue-chip energy companies. (torrent)


For usability and to reduce the potential for abuse, DDoSecrets redacted approximately 19 gigabytes of .DLL files and AppData. An additional 10 gigabytes of Human Resource files were also redacted for PII.


DDoSecrets converted 73,512 emails from the proprietary .PST format to the universal .EML format. The extracted and converted emails can be downloaded with this torrent file (link fixed). Due to this conversion, the emails may not pass DKIM inspection. Forensic evaluation should only be performed on the original archive, as the conversions are provided for the convenience of journalists and other researchers.

Emma Best spoke to Wired’s Andy Greenberg about this release:

"To torture a metaphor, fuel is the fuel of our economy, but it's also a poison when they frequently leak or the pipeline's construction, operation, or maintenance infringe on communities, typically already marginalized ones … This isn't an industry that has the public interest at heart … With some industries, you have to stop and study them regardless of individual wrongdoing because the industry itself is either so inherently harmful or fraught with danger that to not study it would be reckless."