Limited distribution: LATAM Peru and Colombia receipts

Manifests from LATAM Airlines for Peru and Colombia dated 2016-2020 from the hack of Everis

DDoSecrets announced on June 18 that a politically-motivated hacker hit Spanish telecommunications giant Everis.

Emma Best wrote the hackers “were interested in data from Latin American subsidiaries of Everis / NTT Data. According to a note they left Everis and shared with Distributed Denial of Secrets, they were initially only interested in data relating to Latin American subsidiaries and … contracts. This would seem to include manifest records for LATAM Airlines, which the hackers provided to DDoSecrets.” After discovering more interesting data referencing defense systems, the hackers say they spent additional time in the Everis network. Read Best’s post for the full report on the origin of this dataset.

We have added the LATAM flight manifests to our data server. Due to most of the documents containing PII of LATAM passengers or employees, we are providing the records only to journalists or researchers with access to the Limited Distribution category. Request access to limited distribution data to review these receipts and manifests. The records include lost baggage receipts, itemized expense reports, and other miscellaneous documents in scans as .pdfs dated 2016 to 2020.